Wedding Transportation

Here you can find different ways of transportation for the arrival of the bride and the groom in the venue and also the arrival of the guests.

Where do we start? Define your needs.

The bride and the groom could arrive at the ceremony venue with a carriage, a limousine, a vintage or a regular car. Of course, all of the above will be decorated properly to fit the style of every wedding.

You can also choose a tram ride the day before the wedding or after the ceremony, so you and your guests can enjoy a sightseeing tour in the historical center of Prague. Otherwise, you can select a boat cruise on the Vlata river and throw a cocktail party while enjoying the sensational views of Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the National Theatre and more!

For the arrival of your guests to the venue, you can choose transportation from a van if the number of guests is small, to a bus with capacity of 50 passengers.

What’s next? Simple. Choose an item from the following basic list and add it to your cart:

  1. Bride & Groom
  2. Tram & Boat
  3. Van & Minivan
  4. Horse & Carriage
  5. Vintage cars & Oldtimers
  6. Cars
  7. Vintage Bus
  8. Stretch Limo
  9. Other. Riksha, Segway, Plane, Train
  10. Bus large 50 plus


For further details on Wedding Transportation you can read our e-book or visit our audio-visual guide:


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