Kids on weddings

Where do we start? Define your needs.

Children are very special guests so you should consider about offering them a separate children-friendly menu. Also, you could arrange some activities for them, in order to keep them busy. You can hire a babysitter or a company which will take over the creative occupation of the children or arrange a children's playroom, where you will have different games, toys, coloring books and crayons.

What’s next? Simple. Choose an item from the following basic list and add it to your cart:

  1.       Children's menu
  2.       Quiet activities (coloring books, puzzle, papers, crayons ...)
  3.       Children's corner
  4.       Magician
  5.       Outdoor activities


For further details on Children Friendly Weddings you can read our e-book or visit our audio-visual guide:


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