Ceremony Package Old Town Hall With Legalities

Wedding Package organized by PragueWeddings.com. Very popular wedding location for simple wedding ceremony at famous Old Town Square. Take a look to product description what the price consists of.
32000 Kč incl tax

Why this venue?
After King John of accorded the citizens of Prague the privilege of having their own district council in 1338, they decided to build a Town hall, paid for by a duty levied on wine. The almost 70 meters high tower was  completed in 1364. Due to continuous expansions, the building now is a colourful collection of gothic and renaissance-style facades.

This package consists of these individual elements:
3.000 CZK Registry office Fee / Town Hall Rental Thursday and Friday ( if the wedding is on Tuesday and Saturday, then 1.000 CZK surcharge will be applied. This surcharge applies as well, if you would like to have a ceremony at any other locations than the Old Town Hall. Inclusive Registry office.)
300 CZK Sparkling wine for toast with your wedding officiator after the ceremony.
2.000 CZK Interpretor Authorized by the government
600 CZK Organ Music
5.000 CZK Translations before wedding
800 CZK Marriage Certificate translations
350 CZK Marriage Cerficicate Shipping Fee
19.950 CZK PragueWeddings Fee for ceremony packages with legalities

Old Town Hall Ceremonies are conducted only by officiators appointed by the Town Hall Council. Wedding ceremony is in Czech with official interpreter corresponding to your nationality (for example, bride and groom are both from Spain, then the interpreter will speak Spanish. If bride and groom have different nationalities but are communicating in a common language, then the interpreter will speak the one that the couple is using to communicate between each other). If you are both speaking the same language but you would like to have your wedding ceremony in another language, please, kindly note that this option is not possible due to the rules of the Old Town Hall. Own interpreters without government seal are not allowed.

Ceremonies Take place on Tue, Thu, Fri and Sat ONLY. Typically latest ceremony is at 2pm ( exceptionally later ).

Ceremonies take place at the beautiful ceremony hall, located at 1st floor. Length of the ceremony is around 25 min.

Organ music performed. We provide list of possible songs played.

Prices are valid for EU citizens with EU passport

Legal Package Price DOES NOT INCLUDE:

Non-EU citizens: up to 500 EUR for additional paperwork and office visits - please inquire for addional charges € 80 per person for divorce paperwork translations, € 80 for name change if applicable.

Package does not include costs of obtaining documents required from the client in their home countries.

Additional fee may apply to persons who have legally changed their name during the course of their life.

It is necessary for the bride and groom to arrive in Prague 2 -3 working days prior to the wedding day to visit local offices and finish up paperwork. For exceptions please enquire.


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